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If you are looking for a fun, loving and respectful environment to keep yourself busy you have found the right place with Twin Palms Center. Here at Twin Palms we strive to keep clients busy, social and active.

Admission Requirements:

  • TPC provides specialized adult day care services to functional and developmentally challenged persons who are at least twenty-two (22) years of age, is free of communicable disease, is not a danger to him/herself or others, resides in the community, does not require twenty-four (24) hour care, does not have an insulin pump and does not need any type injections;
  • Prior to acceptance at the Center, all participants are required to submit an application for review by the TPC Board.

Application Process:

  1. Inquiry/referral;
  2. Follow up to #1 above;
  3. Participant and caregiver pre-admission visit to TPC.
  4. Social interview of participants’ caregivers prior to enrolling, including evaluation of support mechanisms; social history; copy of Individualized Educational Plan (if applicable) signing of admission agreement; distribution of physician forms and summary of policies and procedures [caregiver handbook]; observation of current placement (if applicable)
  5. Physician certification and agreement; history and physical and medical care plan within 30 days prior to admission;
  6. Social service and activities assessment within 10 days of attendance after admission.